T3 Technologies

T3 Technologies

T3`s core business is software and hardware integration. Our portfolio is built around our unique offering of software development (pc, mobile, and web), mobile computing solutions (handheld, tablet, and terminal), tracking technologies (bar coding, RFID, etc.), weigh systems, data integration, process management improvement and reengineering, as well as technology support. We believe in adding value and visibility to the everyday task you are already doing or may be required to do in the future. We achieve this by streamlining and adding automation to inventory, payroll, accounting, traceability, and more.

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PO Box 65 , Centerville , Michigan 49032 USA
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Business Type:
Software vendor
Industry Type:
Environmental Data and IT Systems
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

When your business works remotely, let T3 bring your data home

T3s Technologies produces software and hardware integration that automates mobile payroll time and attendance collection as well as inventory tracking and job costing. We specialize in saving you time and paperwork, increasing accuracy to the benefit of your payroll department and your employees, and assuring there is a clear record of your products from source to marketplace.

With proven success in the Ag industry for produce traceability software and hardware, T3 Technologies has moved its digital solutions for mobile payroll and inventory tracking into construction, oil & gas, packaging, manufacturing and other industries that often depend on remote worksites or job costing data.

T3 offers: traceability systems (Product Traceability Initiative compliant and custom), inventory and mobile payroll collection software, mobile computers, bar coding equipment, labels, and marketing services.