Team Aqua Corporation

Team Aqua Corporation is established in 1989 when the shrimp white spot virus started to widely affect the shrimp farms in Taiwan. With the strong background in the production of paddlewheel aerator and other related aquaculture equipment, TEAM AQUA went into the development and production of closed system water treatment additive as well as the feed premix.

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14F-1, No.115, Zhongshan Rd., Xinying Dist. , Tainan City , 730 Taiwan

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Agriculture - Aquaculture
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Globally (various continents)
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In 1996, due to the good market image and service, TEAM AQUA was requested by farmer to supply aquaculture feed as it is believed that the feed quality will be as good as the TEAM AQUA aerator, close system water treatment additive and premix. TEAM AQUA is then started to invest and produce fish and shrimp feed since 1997.

Now the main product of TEAM AQUA Group is as follows:

  • High speed and long arm paddlewheel aerator
  • Inland cage
  • Fish cutting machine
  • Automatic fish feeder
  • Closed system water treatment additive
  • Premix of feed
  • Fish and shrimp feed
  • Fish and shrimp fry
  • Technical consultant service

The aquaculture environment is changing fast all over the world. It is essential to update the approach to fight against the diseases. Most of the fish disease can be well controlled by existing technology without porblem. As of shrimp diseases, it is not so easy to be controlled or eliminated. However, there are still many farms always have sustained and good harvest, before and after the impact of white spot disease.  Herewith we are pleased to specify the updated approach using by those successful  farms:

  • Stronger aeration
  • Closed system
  • Use fishpond water for shrimp culture
  • High nutrition supply
  • Nursery system
  • Rotation culture by fish and shrimp
  • Use SPR vannamei shrimp

Not only we provide high quality aquaculture porduct, but also technology service. We have strong aquaculture technology service team with good support by Taiwan and foreigh authorized organization.