Tecnosac s.r.l.

Tecnosac s.r.l.

Our company, established in the midle of 1977 from 3 persons, in the 1980 trasformed in individual firm with the name of TECNOSAC di Aurelio Aveni. From 11/01/20005, we trasformed in TECNOSAC s.r.l. Located in the area of Reggio Emilia, the heart of the dairy farming in Italy and one of the most intensive milking area. The TECNOSAC is world leader in the constrUction of trolley Milking Machines, Milking Parlours, Pipe Lines and milking accessories (inside in our firm production of parts in plastic, stainless steel, Milk pump andVacuum pump). 90% of production is exported in the world.

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Via Monte Fiorino, 2/B , Correggio , 42015 Italy

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Internationally (various countries)