For more than 30 years, we have been building good relationships in Tehnos. These are the foundations for a respectful attitude towards the environment, our partners, customers, suppliers, employees and all those living with us. We use modern solutions to create superior quality machinery: universal flail mowers, field shredders, side flail mowers, finishing mowers, forestry mulchers, flail mowers for orchards and vineyards, specialised mulchers machines for cultivating potatoes field cultivation. The original craft activity of producing tools for glass, plastics and rubber meant that, due to the expansion of the European market, we bought the company Hmezad Strojna in 1994. By acquiring the new production premises we were able to expand our product range to machine construction and agricultural machinery.

Company details

Cesta ob železnici 1 , Žalec , SI-3310 Slovenia

Locations Served

Business Type:
Industry Type:
Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Technique, aesthetics, speed, innovation, responsibility and professionalism are our leading guidelines.

We handle production in four organizational units:

  • non-metals (plastic and rubber products),
  • metals (metal assemblies, agricultural machinery and other machines and devices),
  • tool workshop (mechanical processing, production of tools and preparations for plastics, rubber and sheet metal forming),
  • marketing (consumer goods and goods for home).

Within the organizational units, the internal functional structure is divided into:

  • our own programme: The construction and production of machines, devices and tools for plastics, rubber and metal forming. The projects are the result of Tehnos’s expertise, development and realization.
  • collaboration programme: The production of subassemblies and products made of plastics, rubber and metals for other business systems. The basics of the projects are already determined, while Tehnos handles the operative execution.
  • custom programme: The production of machines, devices and products according to the client’s requirements and documents.
Competitive advantage

The competitive advantage of Tehnos is its employees, who bring together specialized knowledge from various industries.

This complexity, together with our experience, enables the development and execution of even the most complex projects in plastics, metals and rubber.

Important milestones

Previous crafts workshop

1989 Establishment of the Tehnos production company

1994 Buying new production premises and an increase in technology

2000 Expanding the production and administration premises to 6.900 m2

2006 Increasing production capacities and updating machinery (CNC technologies, 3D laser, welding robots)

2010 Expanding the premises to 10.800 m2 and setting up a powder coating facility

2014 Introducing KTL technologies, setting up new assembly department and expanding the warehouse and production premises to 11.700 m2

2016 Updating the tool workshop and buying an additional 15.500m2 plot of land.