Texas Greenhouse Company Inc. (TGC)

Texas Greenhouse Company from Fort Worth, Texas. We have been manufacturing residential and commercial greenhouses since 1948, which makes us the oldest greenhouse manufacturer in the United States. Our greenhouses are sold in all 50 states and around the world. We have earned a reputation for strength and durability with a host of practical proven features. There are many ways to build a greenhouse. Our method is very simple and extremely effective. Each building produced by Texas Greenhouse meets or exceeds the standards set by the National Greenhouse Manufacturers. This association of manufacturers, along with building code officials, publishes standards of quality for the greenhouse industry.

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812 E. Northside Dr. , Fort Worth , Texas 76102 USA

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Globally (various continents)

Texas Greenhouse Company is dedicated to getting you the finest greenhouse money can buy. We deliver and install greenhouses all across the country. Our installation professionals know every inch of the design and will build it exactly to specifications to ensure nothing can go wrong. Call for a quote today!

When it comes to greenhouses, there's no one better than Texas Greenhouse Company. We've been in the business for over half a century, and our expertise has continued to grow with every passing year. With some of the best greenhouses for sale anywhere, how can you say no? Our American Classic greenhouse designs are built to withstand over 100 lbs of snow and winds up to 140 mph. If you don't have space for a full size greenhouse, try our American Hobby, Lean-To, or Bay Window greenhouse designs.

The Best in Greenhouse Design
We build our greenhouses with equal focus on elegant design and sturdy construction. You won't find a more beautiful or more functional greenhouse anywhere. All of our greenhouses are designed to meet or exceed building codes.

Our greenhouses have everything you could need. All designs come standard with sturdy benches and shelves to grow a wide array of plants. Some have automated exhaust fans, while the American Classic has full-length ridge vents automated by thermostat controls. Coolers, heaters, and misting systems are also available for managed temperature and humidity control. For colder climates, we also offer triple-layer polycarbonate panes for the best insulation available.

Greenhouse Sizing
Texas Greenhouse Company has a greenhouse for every application. Whether you're looking for a conservatory for a private estate, or simply wanting to grow a few herbs in the back yard, we have you covered.

Our freestanding American Classic greenhouses are available in 9', 13', 15', 17', 20', 25' and 30' widths, while our American Classic Lean-To is available in 6', 8', 10', and 12' widths. Our American Hobby line is more budget-conscious with freestanding models rangeing from 8' to 10' widths, while the Hobby Lean-To styles are available in either 6' or 8' widths. All of our greenhouses can be made to any length you desire.

Texas Greenhouse Company was formed by a Fort Worth carpenter and a silent partner from Alabama in 1948, and for several years operated in a garage.  The original product was a redwood and glass backyard model sold direct to local homeowners under the brand name “EZY-rected”.  In the mid fifties, the company began manufacturing a curved eave aluminum series of greenhouses called the Elite series, which in now our American Classic series, based upon designs by one of the people who designed some of the first aluminum extrusion processes and dies during World War II.  All the curved members were, and are still bent by hand.  The only concession to modern bending technology has been the addition of Teflon linings to the rollers to reduce friction in the bending process and to avoid scratches on the finished product.

The company began advertising outside the local area in the mid sixties, and shipped to all forty-eight states within two years.  In 1976 the company was sold by the founder and has changed ownership only 3 times during it’s history.  The product line was expanded to include estate-sized and institutional models with sophisticated environmental control systems and installation services.  International sales became a factor in the early 1980’s and at present the company has greenhouses in Africa, the Middle East, the Orient, New Zealand, Canada and all 50 of the United States.

Originally conceived as a hobby greenhouse for the local market, the product line has expanded to include major installations of various configurations on prestigious university and governmental research facilities throughout the world.  Major architectural applications are done on a routine basis.  Current design efforts include utilization of new glazing materials and methods to high levels of energy conservation and tropical wind loadings of hurricane proportions.