Texha PA LLC

Texha PA LLC

Texha Company - the leading manufacturer of equipment for industrial poultry farming in Eastern Europe and in the world. For almost 20 years, we have been developing and manufacturing modern high-tech equipment for industrial poultry farming. Relying on many years of experience and looking into the future, we embody scientific developments, innovate, follow the trends of modern industrial poultry farming. All this for you, manufacturers of poultry products, to work with the best equipment, receive high-quality competitive products in your production and achieve high economic results. In response to development trends of the poultry industry, we develop and launch products meeting the legal requirements of different countries around the world.

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13/2 Perova Ave , Kiev , 02125 Ukraine
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Globally (various continents)

We have arranged own production of equipment for the poultry industry to be able to offer the best solutions for poultry farming.

Our current work is aimed to ensure industrial and economic success for the poultry enterprises. We offer comprehensive solutions and ensure their quality and operation reliability.

Within production of equipment we introduce the world science and technology achievements in the area of breeding and keeping of industrial poultry flocks. 

In response to development trends of the poultry industry, we develop and launch products meeting the legal requirements of different countries around the world.

TEXHA plant is the most modern fleet of machines and systems for the production of innovative highly technical equipment for the poultry industry. Modern plant laboratory allows controlling the quality of input raw materials as well as finished products.

Our distinguishing feature is a provision of a full package of services - from initial advice on the design and construction of the poultry house till the after-sales service and technological support for the entire period of operation of our equipment.

The primary objective of ТЕХНА is to maximize the efficiency and profitability of poultry farming through high-tech and innovative equipment. Focus on innovation, development and introduction of new technological solutions, mobility and priority of customers' needs allow ТЕХНА constantly keeping the leadership position.

Our main competitive advantage is a consistently high quality of product and unique services. Installation of equipment, supervision of assembly and commissioning of facilities, full warranty and post-warranty service, comprehensive technological support of production of the customer are the integral parts of the company's business relationship with the customer.

Quality management system has been implemented by the company in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 international standards. 

Currently TEXHA Company have created the dealer network in 16 countries. The poultry equipment is installed in industrial facilities of 33 countries.

Nowadays TEXHA is a recognized leader of the market. The motto of the company is to be always a step ahead. It would be impossible to follow the motto without professional employees. That’s why the company pays so much attention to staff recruitment, their training, education and professional growth.

TEXHA allows their employees comfortable facilities for working and relaxing: modern equipment, offices with air conditioning, various social programs. The company takes care of education and professional growth of their staff, organizes various training programs for them.

However it is not the material values which play the main role when the company passes the new milestone corresponding to the motto of being a step ahead. It is people who do the step. Peculiarity of human relationship creates an unexplainable phenomenon which contains the secret of success and distinguishes the company at the world’s market. TEXHA defined their principles which they use by building their development strategy and sefl-actualization.

Our Team
If a ship has the right course, this is the achievement of people who are at the helm. Today the TEXHA company moves forward by leaps and bounds, masterfully tacking in the strong waves of business and skillfully catching the favoring wind of industrial progress. We reached it first of all thank to professionalism of our management.

We are represented on four continents around the world

Global expansion of the TEXHA products fully complies with the corporate strategy. Today there are 33 countries presented on the map with our poultry equipment installed on different continents, and the products are shipped to these regions on a regular basis. Beginning with the closest neighbors (Belarus and Russia), where the first equipment was shipped at the beginning of the operation of the TEXHA Production Association, the company gradually sets up routes to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, explores the countries of the Middle East and Central Asia, then North Africa and South-East Asia. Subsequently, TEXHA installed equipment at poultry enterprises in Europe, Latin America, China, Philippines...

In total, over 20 years, about 1,500 poultry farms around the world put the TEXHA equipment into operation.

TEXHA is one of the key manufacturers of poultry equipment in the world, which is shown in the statistics of the leading research agencies. In little less than 20 years, the company became one of the world leaders in this industry that dates back 40, 60 or 100 years.

Beginning in 2000 with the manufacture of a single model of equipment — laying cages — TEXHA gradually increased its production capacity and expanded the product line, gradually reaching all areas of poultry farming.

After laying cages, there were broiler and rearing cages, and then parent cages.

Taking up challenges and reacting briskly to the past and present changes in the poultry industry of Ukraine and the world, the company is embracing the development of new equipment, embodying bold ideas and offering innovative solutions for the creation of modern, efficient, and flexible poultry enterprises. After all, the availability of high-quality equipment with a wide production capacity is an integral part of any successful poultry farm.

Today TEXHA Production Association is one of the leaders in the market of equipment for commercial poultry production. Our company's motto  is “Solutions for poultry production leaders”. This motto can’t be embodied without highly skilled employees. Company’s total staff is more than 1300 specialists. The quality management system according to international standards ISO 9001:2008 is implemented in the enterprise that is confirmed by appropriate certificates.This allows to increase the output of the production and work successfully in the markets of 33 countries all around the world.