The Climate Corporation

The Climate Corporation

The Climate Corporation aims to build a digitized world where every farmer is able to optimize and execute decisions on the farm through digital tools. The Climate Corporation aims to build a digitized world where every farmer is able to optimize and flawlessly execute every decision on the farm. The company`s proprietary Climate FieldView platform combines hyper-local weather monitoring, agronomic modeling, and high-resolution weather simulations to deliver Climate FieldView products, mobile SaaS solutions that help farmers improve profitability by making better informed operating and financing decisions. The company`s unique technologies help the global $3 trillion agriculture industry to stabilize and improve profits and, ultimately, help feed the world.

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201 Third Street, Suite 1100 , San Francisco , California 94103 USA
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Software vendor
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Globally (various continents)


Inspire one another

Each individual has an inspirational strength of character and a deep personal interest in fulfilling their role in the organization. Wanting more than just a job, each individual brings their life experiences and personal passions to work with them. Inspirational people attract similar people, and we find ourselves thankful for the opportunity to work with one another.

Innovate in all we do

We have a persistent mission – one that will never be complete. As our organization progresses in its Mission, market forces will change – the world does not stand still. Thus, we will perpetually be in a state of transformation. This can be uncomfortable and challenging. We embrace this state.

We are not defined solely by the markets or customers we serve today. Nor should we be defined, or follow in the footsteps of, organizations with comparable markets or customers today. We focus solely on persisting in our Mission, in the most innovative way possible.

Constant innovation will take us to challenging places, and requires endless sacrifice and tough decision-making. We consistently take smart, well-quantified, big risks, and are prepared to change products, pursue different opportunities, and find new markets, in order to persist in our Mission.

Leave a mark on the world

For a variety of personal reasons, we each find ourselves motivated to make a lasting and meaningful real-world impact. We want to richly enhance the world through our work and are rewarded by seeing the change that results from our efforts.

Find the Possible in the Impossible

We relish big problems. Even the impossible ones. In general, we find that the biggest problems are the most interesting to tackle, the most rewarding, and typically, the most valuable, to solve. We also think that life is too short to not try and do the impossible.

Be direct and transparent

We respect each other and our customers. With respect, comes an obligation to be direct and honest. We strive relentlessly to know what we don’t know. We are not afraid of failure and openly admit to what we don’t yet fully understand. The opportunity to dialogue about the failure, and admit the unknown, allows us to learn faster, and improve ourselves individually, and as an organization.

Importantly, facts, not subjective opinions, inform our decision-making process. This is achieved by quantifying and measuring everything we do.