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  • Sani-Flo - Milk Filters

    Sani-Flo - Milk Filters

    Finally a filter that goes on easy...Yet has consistency in filtration!!! Sani-flo milk filters are easy to install. Virtually unbreakable. Standard Program - Prepaid Freight on 5 Cases!

  • Safgard - Puls-Matic Electric Pulsators

    Safgard - Puls-Matic Electric Pulsators

    Direct Mount Puls-Matic Electric Pulsator. Direct Mount Puls-Matic Electric Pulsator w/Fresh Air, Puls-Matic Electric Pulsator, Puls-Matic Electric Pulsator w/Fresh Air. Improved power consumption, Improved exhaust porting, Strong electrical contacts, Factory tested and graphed.