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  • Thyregod  - Model T-7 - Beet Harvester

    Thyregod - Model T-7 - Beet Harvester

    T-7:Thyregod has for a number of years produced the well-known beet harvesters and today the company has a wide range of machines with an impresive array of equipment, which ensure that the machine can be custom-made to work optimally under every and even difficult conditions.The Thyregod beet harvesters can be delivered as 2,3 or 4 row machines, semi or full hydraulic, with 10 m3...

  • Thyregod - Model TRV  - Interrow Cultivator

    Thyregod - Model TRV - Interrow Cultivator

    TRV cultivator equipped with vision control steering ensures an exact steering. The cameras photograph the plants and transmit the informations to the LH-500 control panel. TRV can be delivered with working width of 3,6 and 9 m with a row distance from 30 – 75 cm. The cultivator can be delivered with the special VCO S-tine with A-blade or L-blade.

  • Thyregod - Model TR7+ - Sugar Beet Cleaner Loader

    Thyregod - Model TR7+ - Sugar Beet Cleaner Loader

    The TR7+ cleaner loader is mounted with a 10 m3 feeder tank with a large opening, which gives an easy loading. The Thyregod company has developed beet cleaner loaders for many years and our products work in many different conditions. The experience we have gained from this, we have built into our new TR7+ Cleaner- Loader. This has resulted in a machine with a previously unknown capacity, combined with the gentle...

  • Thyregod - Model TSR-4000 - Stone Rake

    Thyregod - Model TSR-4000 - Stone Rake

    To maintain a heigh capacity, the stone rake is used to wind row the field. After wind rowing the stone picker is used, to pick up, clean and the load the stone direct into a trailer.

  • Tim

  • Tim - Tipping Trailer

    Tim - Tipping Trailer

    The tipping trailers are constructed of the well-known profile folded chassis, where the frame is made of 6 mm steel. The box is constructed of 4 mm steel plates reinforced by strong bottom and side members. To obtain the optimal strength and the stability of torsion the chassis and the side members are made of high-strength steel.

  • Tim - Model 155/85  - Dump Trailer

    Tim - Model 155/85 - Dump Trailer

    The 15,5 ton dump trailer model 155/85 is constructed of the well-known profile folded chassis. 2 tipping cylinder ensure large stability and added lift power.A slippery surface inside together with a tipping angle up to 63 degrees.ensure easy unloading. To make a easy drive and to relieve the trailer and the tractor of often extreme conditions, the trailer is equipped with suspended drawbar and bogie with strong...

  • Tim  - Model GSV40  - Silage Trailer

    Tim - Model GSV40 - Silage Trailer

    Tim GSV40 is developed to meet the demand for a large trailer that can cope with the capacity of the selfpropelled silagechoppers.The capacity is 40 m3. The trailer is constructed of the well-known profile folded chassis made of 6 mm high-strength steel. GSV40 is as standard equipped with 600/55-22,5 wheels. On request the trailer can be delivered with larger wheels.

  • Tim  - Model MII SA/TE120 - Beet Harvester

    Tim - Model MII SA/TE120 - Beet Harvester

    The well-known 2 row TIM MII SA/TE120 continues to be a bestseller on several markets.MII is especially suitable for markets where light machines combined with small transport width are preferred. The harvester is as standard delivered with turbo topper and oppel wheels, but as alternative the machine can be delivered with walking shares. MII has a 12 m3 unloading tank. A lot of...

  • Kimadan

  • Kimadan - Slurry Mixer

    Kimadan - Slurry Mixer

    Plane mixers – Tower mixers – Height-adjustable tower mixers KIMADAN offers a wide range of tractor-coupled SLURRY MIXERS. The T35 PLANE MIXER is designed for slurry tanks and channels which are below ground level or have drive ramps. The TOWER MIXER is designed for agitation in storage tanks and deals effectively with all slurry layers, including floating layer and sediment. The propeller is specially constructed to give good thrust...

  • KIMADAN - Slurry Pump

    KIMADAN - Slurry Pump

    Stationary slurry pumps Bottom inlet KIMADAN’s production of stationary long-shaft slurry pumps today offers countless variations of pumps for forechambers and storage tanks. Because of their high performance and good emptying characteristics, the main application of bottom inlet pumps (which are in fact the original standard KIMADAN pumps) is in connection with slurry storage tanks. KIMADAN Bottom inlet pumps are available as 5”...