Tillso is an innovative British cultivation specialist and machinery manufacturer. Our technology is designed with soil conservation at the fore, increasing organic matter in soils and aiding cultural weed control. Tillso technology improves profitability and yield as part of a min-till or no-till system. As well as our range of cultivators we produce retro-fit subsoiling tines and consolidation rollers, which offer a cost effective solution to update existing machinery. As well as the U.K. our equipment is used in countries including Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, USA and Chile.

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Falls Farm French Drove Thorney , Peterborough , Cambs PE6 0PQ United Kingdom
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Crop Cultivation
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Internationally (various countries)

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Tillso was started by Chris Lane who then was farming in the San Luis valley in Colorado using Simba Solos, Xpresses and Aqueel Presses and saw a place for Simba technology in the U.S. farming systems.
In many situations the benefits of the Simba equipment were the ability to restructure the soils without losing moisture and the Aqueels ability to hold moisture for longer in the rooting zone. This was particularly important where much of the land is under centre pivot irrigation systems.
Work in the U.S.A has given us a broader understanding of different methods of crop establishment in different environments, and of varying applications for cultivation components. For example, Tillso has supplied Aqueel rollers to work in the establishment of Rice, to improve the irrigation of Vines in California, and for 30' Potato Cultivators to be used as the last process in crop establishment.

At our farming base in Cambridgeshire we continued to develop our farming practice with these principles in mind: To remove soil compaction, preserve moisture and nutrients, and achieve effective crop establishment whilst improving soil fertility.
Tillso's philospohy is to design products which are technically correct and with attention to detail, which means they are as effective as possible over a full range of conditions. For example, Tillso's Sabre tines are a low surface disturbance tine but restructure fully across the working width, whilst Tillso presses are carefully designed to distribute weight evenly across the width of the rollers. To maintain the usefulness of our products we also believe that the machine setting and options must make the equipment as flexible as possible.
Tillso's Sabre tines and Rake & Roll were both launched at Lamma 2010 and in recent years our range of sub-soiling tines has lead the market in soil restructuring. By combining straw spreading, fine tilth creation and a rubber roller designed to work on stubble and at high speeds, the Rake & Roll is still the best machine available to create a fast stale seedbed.
Our retro-fit components make it easy to incorporate Tillso cultivation technology into existing systems.