TimberKing is America`s oldest and most trusted manufacturer of wood processing machinery. We pride ourselves on offering the best portable sawmills and bandmills on the market. From our collection of portable bandsaw mills to our edgers, kilns and molding machines, TimberKing has the wood processing equipment to meet your needs. At TimberKing we have long been one of the most innovative manufacturers of lumber mills. Numerous TimberKing innovations - including our bi-directional chain log turner, roller toe boards and computer set works -- have since been widely imitated, but never replicated. While constantly improving and innovating our portable band sawmills, TimberKing always maintains the kind of quality and service that has kept us as a top-notch sawmill manufacturer for more than 80 years. This combination of old-fashioned values and up-to-the minutes portable sawmill innovation can only be found right here, with TimberKing. We call it the TimberKing Advantage.

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1431 North Topping Avenue , Kansas City , Missouri 64120 USA

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Agriculture - Forestry
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Nationally (across the country)

Founded in 1929 under the name Belsaw, TimberKing is America’s oldest manufacturer of one-man sawmills.

TimberKing’s original product was the Belsaw circular mill, which was in constant production from 1929 until 1998. Tens of thousands of these mills were sold world-wide.

“It’s such a great heritage,” says TimberKing President Will Johnson. “Every week we get a call from someone who’s still cutting with a Belsaw mill his dad or granddad bought. I want my children to get those calls from my customers’ children, saying their fifty-year-old mill is still going strong.”

TimberKing began making portable band mills in 1989.

“We were not the first company to make a portable sawmill,” Johnson points out. “And this put us at a real advantage: It was easy to look for something simpler, better, stronger than the other designs. Something a guy could hand down to his grandkids.”

TimberKing has long been one of the most innovative forces in the portable band mill market. TimberKing was the first portable mill company to introduce hydraulic bi-directional chain log turners, hydraulic vertical log stops, standard computer set-works, hydraulic roller toe boards and engine-driven direct-action hydraulics systems. These features that began with TimberKing have since been widely imitated in the Portable Sawmill industry.