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Titan Italia, the group leader of the Titan Europe Agricultural Wheel Division, is the European leader in the design, development, production and distribution of wheels and brakes for agricultural machinery, tractors, combine harvesters and specialist irrigation and spraying equipment. Its production facilities are situated in strategic locations to ensure first-class logistics when delivering its products to its customers. Titan produces the most extensive range of wheels in Europe, as far as the size and thickness of the rims is concerned, in its production plants in Italy and those of its subsidiaries, Titan France in Normandy and Titan Asia in Turkey. Titan Italia also manufactures a large range of ramp brakes for agricultural applications and wheels for heart-moving and agricultural applications.

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Via Confortino 23/28 , Crespellano - Loc. Calcara , Bologna I-40056 Italy

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In Crespellano Plant Titan Italia manufactures ramp brakes with control units. Press Shop is equipped with both hydraulic and mechanical presses up to 2000 tons to manufacture the complete range of discs for variable track wheels and fixed wheels as well as waffle rings.

The plants in Finale Emilia and Jesi are also equipped with tyre inflation lines which are used in their fitting service, enabling the company to supply complete wheels to the leading OEMs in the sector.

Working in close co-operation with the world’s most respected OEMs, Titan is able to keep its projects firmly in line with market demands and carry out research into new technologies which will allow it to develop products that guarantee unprecedented levels of performance.

Titan Italia invests heavily in research and production systems in order to widen its range of technological solutions, provide its customers with better support and, in turn, increase their competitiveness.

Titan Italia engineers cutting-edge products with the help of:

  • 3D CAD techniques and F.E.A. calculations using last generation software whose simulations come closer and closer to reality.
  • A metallurgic laboratory which is equipped to perform any material analysis, from chemical composition to metallurgic structure and mechanical characteristics. It can also validate any process, even special processes, such as welding and surface treatments.
  • An in-house experimental department which produces prototypes and approves products in compliance with company specifications, client specifications and national and international standards, using the following equipment:
    • Data acquisition systems for static and dynamic tests, also on the vehicle.
    • Photoelastic analysis.
    • Strain gauge analysis.
    • 4 test rigs specially designed and built for wheels where any kind of test, even on wheels fitted with tyres, at speed and on a slope, can be performed.
    • Dynamometric test rig which has been specially designed and built for wet brakes where friction materials are also tested and developed.
    • Climatic cell -70°C +150°C.
    • Fatigue testing rigs for the drive units and components, which have been specially designed and built by Titan.

Titan is committed to continuous improvement so implements a dynamic Quality Management System whose aim is to manage its products, processes and services to the highest standard.

Titan is certified ISO 9001:2008 and also uses methods that comply with the guidelines of major OEM customers in the “automotive” industry, such as Team Working, Problem Solving, SPC and FMEA.

The Titan Quality Management System sets itself increasingly ambitious and advanced goals in all its processes, thanks to the involvement and motivation of its personnel; its policy to optimise costs, times and resources is aimed not only at satisfying the direct or implicit requests of their customers, but also at anticipating them.

Titan Europe Plc is an international engineering group specialising in the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of wheels, undercarriage components and assemblies for tracked and wheeled “off-road vehicles”. Titan Europe also supplies ground engaging tools and wet brake systems.

The Group also distributes tyres and supplies wheel and tyre assemblies.

Our markets include agricultural, industrial, construction, mining and specialised application machines for the OEM’s and the Aftermarket.

The Group has a worldwide manufacturing and distribution presence, with facilities located in the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, USA, Brasil, Chile, Peru, Australia, Indonesia, China and India.