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  • Agricultural Wheels

  • Adjustable Waffle Wheels

    Adjustable Waffle Wheels

    Titan’s adjustable waffle wheels allow even the biggest tractors to run safely and comfortably at high speed,still providing end users with true 8-track adjustability. Thanks to Titan, the advantages of the adjustable waffle wheel are fully available to European tractor makers.

  • Large High Speed Fixed Wheels

    Large High Speed Fixed Wheels

    Titan has developed a new solution that enhances strength and dimensional precision of large high speed fixed wheels (up to 65 Kph).  The technology is based on a new formed disc, whose external diameter is machined for improved precision. This is press-fitted inside the rim and then welded on one side only. Thanks to its special shape,the new disc provides a larger contact area to the rim - compared to traditional butt welded...

  • Narrow & Row-Crop Wheels

    Narrow & Row-Crop Wheels

    Through its long and extensive experience in the narrow rims market, Titan has developed a whole range of fixed and adjustable wheels as well as custom made wheels, suitable to provide a perfect match for the specific customer’s needs. Working continually in close co-operation with the tyre manufacturers, Titan is able to offer new rim sizes, corresponding to the new tyres present in the market.

  • Brakes

  • RAMP  - Brakes

    RAMP - Brakes

    Titan Italia has been designing, testing and manufacturing wet ramp brakes since 1980 and its products are fitted on the leading brands of agricultural machinery worldwide. Titan has been one of the top manufacturers in the ramp brake sector for many years. Titan Italia’s standard range of wet ramp brakes is designed to meet the needs of today’s most commonly requested requirements and consists of:

  • Annular  - Piston Brakes

    Annular - Piston Brakes

    Titan Italia has designed, tested and manufactured annular piston brakes that operate in an oil bath and are integrated into the transmission since 1986. Annular piston technology delivers top quality performance in an ultra-compact design. Annular piston brake capabilities are therefore superior to those of ramp brakes of the same size. The main drawback of the annular piston system compared to the ramp brake is that it can only be...

  • Drive Units

    Drive Units

    In addition to wet and annular piston brakes, Titan Italia also designs, tests and manufactures all the drive units which are fitted with the brakes and which control their actuation on agricultural machinery. Thanks to its extensive experience, Titan customers are offered a complete package with a drive unit + wet braking system which together guarantee: