TMC Cancela

We are a Company that manufactures agricultural, forestry and hydraulic machinery. With more than 40 years over our shoulders, we work day by day to offer the best products of the sector. At TMC Cancela we specialize in the process of mulching forestry and agricultural remains. We search to optimize the work of the operators with the target of increasing their productivity and obtain a higher performance. We go to a new style of products that respect the Environment. We manufacture machinery that has less fuel consumption with technical characteristics that bring more control over the machines (such as the rotor speed control or the temperature control).

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Pedra Salgueira St.- Anxeriz , Tordoia , A Coruña 15684 Spain

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Agriculture - Forestry
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Globally (various continents)
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The demand of products grew considerably, due to that the company took the decision of increasing investments in plant, machinery and human resources. The distribution got a big impulse: we reached an agreement for dealing products across the whole Spanish country with two multinational companies: SIP (Slovenia) and Rocha (Portugal).

With the new millennium, the manufacturing began to focus on the forest market and alternative energies (such as biomass, ...) due to the growing demand that took place during that years. New product lines were added to the company brochure, lines that covered the full range of mulching, clearing and maintenance of the natural environment in order to offer a complete solutions spectrum to our customers.

Today, we keep investing and betting for a defined and fixed criteria of evolution. The searching for high quality based products with a high added value, joined to the increasing of the productivity open a new expansion and exporting horizon. We have dealers and customers all over the world, in countries like Costa Rica, Paraguay, Mexico, Brazil, ... in Latin America; Angola, Mozambique, Algeria in Africa; France, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland ... in Europe. For this reason we are increasing our presence in international shows dedicated to the agricultural and forestry machinery: FIMA Zaragoza, SITEVI Montpellier, AGRITECHNICA Hannover, EIMA Bolonia, KWF Munich, ... as well as be carrying out a great internationalization plan with the creation of new headquarters in Sao Paulo (Brazil).

In 1971 Manuel Cancela started a family company specialized on the repair of agricultural machinery locally. With the time he diversified his production to the manufacturing of this kind of machinery he uses to repair. In 2008 Javier Cancela took over the work of his father focusing the Company into the manufacturing of forestry, agricultural and hydraulic mulchers.

Always looking for the differentiation in this sector and thanks to his decision to bet on R+D+I TMC Cancela is characterized by a permanent evolution, where it lays a fundamental role the incorporation of the main technical advances to our production processes.

Actually TMC Cancela is leader in sales in Spain, and continues to evolve to become a Worldwide reference on this kind of industry, exporting to more than 30 countries.

Our main objective is to provide our consumers with the best equipment, guaranteeing the excellent quality of our products. We do not stop learning, and we try to incorporate the latest technological innovations into our processes, in order to manufacture robust and efficient machinery, adapted to the needs of our market.

We are characterized by the search for quality at a global level. We take care of each and every one of the aspects that surround our company: lead times, customer service, patent development, selection of the best suppliers, technological investment.

The main facilities of TMC Cancela are based in Tordoia, the heart of Galicia. From our main plant we export our production, which is more than 2.000 machines per year.

In recent years at TMC Cancela we have opted for the expansion and internationalization of the business. We are present in more than 30 countries, where we have Distributors of our products. Canada, Romania, Lithuania, France, Russia, Italy, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Australia or the USA are just some of our strategic selling points. At present our potential is located in Europe and North America, where we head the lists of sales in countries like France or Germany.

The objectives of the company are clear: in the coming years we plan to continue growing, especially in the international market, where we will allocate 70% of our production, leaving the remaining 30% for the domestic market.

At TMC Cancela, we are committed to the quality of our machines. We firmly believe that research and innovation are key components of our manufacturing process, and that is why we invest and invest in them. We have a team of engineers who work directly with the Department of Technical Design, where international design programs are used.

For years we have been sales leaders in Spain. We have achieved this privileged position thanks to a good business strategy, based on the attention given to the demands of the market and the changes it demands. The annual growth exceeds 20%, which confirms us as a leading company in the sector of agricultural, forestry and hydraulic manufactures.