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  • 1/2 Standard Olive Tree

    1/2 Standard Olive Tree

    These Olive Trees are the Perfect Gift Item as a single tree or pair. They make great presents and are fantastic value. This olive tree size is our best seller so if you are looking to buy an olive tree this is the place to start. We have other Olive tree sizes for sale as well. We hand select all of our olive trees direct from the growers so we know that they are the best quality and value available. Our dedication to quality and service is backed up...

  • Vitis vinifera Boskoop Glory

    Vitis vinifera Boskoop Glory

    Vitis vinifera 'Boskoop Glory'. A popular old favourite grapevine. Boskoop Glory is a very easy vine to grow and a good reliable cropper. The grapes are suitable for making wine and are also a good dessert grape, altogether a very pleasant tasting grape. We have selected the best grapevines for domestic growing. A very easy plant, just needs to be planted in a south facing aspect against a support like a pergola, trellis or post with wires.  Pruning in...