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Vitis vinifera Boskoop Glory

Vitis vinifera 'Boskoop Glory'. A popular old favourite grapevine. Boskoop Glory is a very easy vine to grow and a good reliable cropper. The grapes are suitable for making wine and are also a good dessert grape, altogether a very pleasant tasting grape. We have selected the best grapevines for domestic growing. A very easy plant, just needs to be planted in a south facing aspect against a support like a pergola, trellis or post with wires.  Pruning in the winter will keep it in check and promote fruiting. They look so lovely when they cover pergola and the summer sun can just shine through and really show off the wonderful shape of the vineleaf. At Hampton court they have a the world's oldest grapevine it was planted in 1769 and still produces delicious grapes, that's good value for money isnt it?

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