Top Knot Poultry Supplies are Australia's exclusive importer and distributor for Brinsea Incubation Products and Carefree Coops, specialising in incubation, brooding and housing equipment for bird, parrots, poultry, chickens, ducks, geese and exotics. We offer an extensive cheap and affordable incubator range for sale beginning with the Brinsea Mini Eco (10 hen eggs) or Brinsea Mini Advance (Automatic Unit for 7 hen eggs) through to an Ova Easy 390 (288 hen eggs). Intensive Care Units (TLC 40 and 50) and specialist equipment rearing exotics.

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PO Box 245 , Ormond , Victoria 3204 Australia

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Agriculture - Poultry
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We now have available a total complete package ideal for schools and beginners, our Mini Incubation Starter Pack. This includes everything you need to get started, drinker, feeder, brooder, candler and incubator, plus you get a free bottle of disinfectant. These units are ideal for kids to watch eggs hatch
The  Mini Advance EX is ideal for parrot breeders as it allows for full control on turning, temperature and humidity. The (12 Eclectus or 7 Macaw) eggs are turn via a roller system. For the serious parrot breeder we also have the Octagon 20 Advance EX (40 Eclectus or 24 Macaw egg capacity) with full control on humidity, temperature and turning via a rocking system.  
We operate out of a warehouse facility to keep our costs down so the benefits may be passed on to our customers. Orders can be placed online where postage costs will be communicated to you within 24 hours via email or telephone.
The New Octagon 40 incubator has arrived and is now available with new technology of cooling. The advance model now simulates cooling just like when the hen jumps off the nest to increase your chances of a better hatch.