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  • Red Boss - Tree Spade

    Red Boss - Tree Spade

    With Red Boss Tree Spade, you eliminate the time-consuming task of changing loader sizes every time you need to increase ball capacity. You can dig, lift, and transport all in a single assigned work project; therefore, increasing production and decreasing labor costs at the same time. The self-sharpening blades are tempered steel and get harder every time you use the Tree Spade. Spades will dig the advertised ball sizes. Blades will never need...

  • Tree Planters

    Tree Planters

    Tree Equipment Design manufactures three models of Tree Planters: One Seat, Two Seat or Shade Tree Planters. There are many additional options such as an additional planter box, blades, culter disc, tires, and brackets.

  • Stump Digger

    Stump Digger

    Tree Equipment Design's Stump Digger allows for the quick and efficient removal of Christmas tree stumps! Our Stump Digger works on the majority of loaders!

  • Tree Boss - Pivot Rotary Actuators

    Tree Boss - Pivot Rotary Actuators

    Tree Boss will eliminate the dilemma happening today in the Nursery Industry where employees are usually at maximum cost and labor output is minimum. Tree Equipment Design has created a solution with the Tree Boss, since one operator can do the job of a whole crew. The Tree Boss loads and unloads balled trees off trailers with ease. It is controlled from the operator's seat with electrical hand switches, which are mounted on your forward/back lever on...

  • Skid Loaders with Rear Stabilizers

    Skid Loaders with Rear Stabilizers

    Skid loaders with rear stabilizers transfer the weight to the tree spade for maximum digging. This allows you to dig in soil which is rock-solid and hardened.