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Tree Planters


Tree Equipment Design manufactures three models of Tree Planters: One Seat, Two Seat or Shade Tree Planters. There are many additional options such as an additional planter box, blades, culter disc, tires, and brackets.

  • Built for fast and productive planting.
  • Built to withstand the most rugged terrains.
  • Each planter can be assembled to your needs and specifications.
  • A new concept in tree planting, simplicity and multi-purpose.
  • A highly versatile transplanter is the answer to all your planting problems.

One-Seat Planter

This is Tree Equipment Design's original Tree Planter and has proven to be a highly versatile transplanter. This one seat model is used mostly for planting Christmas Trees or small nursery stock. The planter will plant 8,000 to 10,000 trees daily, which will mainly depend on soil conditions. Weight is 800 pounds.

Two-Seat Planter

Special features of the Two-Seat model include hydraulic hillside control, scrapers, and high-backed seats. You have a plant box on each side to carry your plant nursery stock. The planter will plant 10,000 to 15,000 trees daily, which will mainly depend on soil conditions. Weight is 1,000 pounds.

Shade Tree Planter

Special features include a soil opening plow, that lifts and rolls the soil leaving up to a 24-inch trench, which is 14 inches to 16 inches deep. Trenches will depend on the planter shoe size. The planter is also equipped with scrapers and offers optional telescopic row markers with lifting cylinders. Weight is 1200 pounds.

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