Treloar Roses

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  • Addictive Lure

    Addictive Lure

    (Koraddilu) - A powerful, distinctive sweet aromatic scent drifts in the air from this aptly named rose. A strong, healthy upright bush produces deep open cup shaped blooms in loose clusters, as well as individually to a stem. The petals are firm and last well as a cut flower when blooms are cut at the half open to open stage. Approx. 1.5m tall.

  • Black Caviar

    Black Caviar

    An outstanding velvet burgundy red with strong fragrance. The medium sized, velvet burgundy red flowers are very full and qauartered, with the shape of old, historic roses. Very strong frangrance with notes of vanilla and honey jasmine.  Tall growth to approx 1.5m high.  This rose honours the 'World's Greatest Sprinter' and the overwhelming enjoyment all Australian's get from her.