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  • Trout River - Live Bottom Trailer

    Trout River - Live Bottom Trailer

    Our live bottom trailers can not only provide a safe alternative to dump trailers but can save customers on insurance. The versatility of the trailer allows owners to unload indoors, stockpile, spread, shoulder and haul a variety of product... this means extending your working season to 12 months. It also means that you can eliminate the need for other expensive pieces of equipment. Just like our trailers, we want to work with you to provide products...

  • Trout River - Shuttle Floor Trailer

    Trout River - Shuttle Floor Trailer

    The Shuttle Floor is the world’s only full width belt trailer designed for hauling a wide variety of products. The true value of the innovation is the ability to haul a wide range of products. From waste, agricultural products, pallets, landscaping materials even snow - the Shuttle Floor is truly a versatile hauling solution.