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  • Tru-Test - Model WB - Mini-Test

    Tru-Test - Model WB - Mini-Test

    Meter head inlet and outlet area optimised to reduce vacuum restriction. Flask capacity 31 kg (68 lb). Cleans in place during wash cycle. Low maintenance. Suitable for goats, capacity 5.5 kg (12 lb). Samples for individual animals can be taken via the valve.

  • Tru-Test - Electronic Milk Meter

    Tru-Test - Electronic Milk Meter

    Tru-Test Electronic Milk Meter is a patented, ICAR approved, portable device that will automatically record milk yield, automatically dispense a representative sample, read uniquely identified milk sample vials and communicate wirelessly with the Tru-Test Data Handler. The milk sample vials used with the Tru-Test Electronic Milk Meter can be uniquely identified by either barcode labels or by RFID tags. Sample vials do not need to be sequenced in...