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Agriculture is an integral part of Nova Scotia’s economy. An incredibly diverse industry, the province produces apples, wild blueberries, maple products, and grass-fed beef, to name a few. Whether production occurs in fields, barns, or greenhouses, innovation and persistence are the hallmarks of Nova Scotian agriculture. Those traits, and a growing demand for local food, make Nova Scotia the perfect place for the evolution of indoor agriculture. At TruLeaf, we’re leading a new evolution in plant science that improves predictability in agriculture. Our Smart Plant Systems leverage multi-level farming technology to create efficient, controlled indoor farms that can be located anywhere from the heart of an urban centre to remote locations or harsh climate areas, where growing would otherwise not be possible.

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540 Southgate Dr. Suite 204 , Bedford , Nova Scotia B4A 0E1 Canada

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Nationally (across the country)


It’s a practical, sustainable solution that avoids some of the challenges of traditional farming, providing a predictable, year-round supply of fresh, high-nutrient plants to meet the needs of grocery retailers, functional food producers, pharma and health product manufacturers.

We’re more than plant growers; we’re a multi-disciplinary team with world-leading expertise in plant science, environmental controls, new product development, marketing and supply chain management. By combining proven agricultural technologies with our own innovations in farm design, racking, lighting configurations and irrigation mechanics, we’re pioneering proprietary, world-leading processes and plant recipes with exciting commercial possibilities in multiple industries.


Farm Design

Our goal is to build farms that are simple, cost-effective, and easily scalable. We consider everything from rack design to irrigation mechanics, from process flow to refrigeration needs to design high-yield farms that adhere to high standards of food safety and resource conservation. The major part includes:

  • LED spectrum selection
  • Plant Production Formulas
  • Automation
  • Date Collection

Production Formulas

TruLeaf’s plant production formulas, or plant recipes, incorporate the following elements to grow a specific plant variety:

  • Irrigation regime
  • Intensity and hours of light
  • Nutrient content and concentrations
  • Environmental conditions, e.g. humidity and CO2

Research Program

We have built a world-leading team of specialists in plant science, quality assurance, and farm design. This investment ensures that our clients benefit from new product varieties, rapid responsiveness to market trends, and ongoing efficiencies in the farm-to-fork value chain.

For our ongoing research programs, TruLeaf has been awarded research grants with the National Research Council and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) in partnership with Dalhousie University and other institutions.