TruLeaf Sustainable Agriculture

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  • Bioactive Health & Wellness

    Bioactive Health & Wellness

    Healthcare is a multi-billion-dollar industry facing a pressing need for new ideas and creative solutions. In an industry with strict regulatory requirements, manufacturers must ensure the quality, consistency, and traceability of product inputs. The controlled conditions of our Smart Plant Systems®, combined with our proprietary expertise and formulations, ensure a stable supply of plant-based raw materials of the highest quality and consistency....

  • Fresh Produce Urban & Rural

    Fresh Produce Urban & Rural

    For grocery retailers and food producers, TruLeaf’s systems offer the opportunity to grow a sustainable year-round supply of leafy plants to replace or enhance current sources. Our multi-level farms can be built anywhere, offering the key advantage of growing closer to your market, which maximizes freshness while reducing transportation costs and spoilage. Our goal is not to displace local fruits and vegetables. Our goal is to enhance it with...