Turan Agricultural Machines Industry and Trade Inc.

Turan Agricultural Machines Industry and Trade Inc. have been working in the agricultural machines sector since 1925 and our mission has always been to provide our customers with products that are economical and easy to use by using the developing technologies to its fullest extent. After the year 1967 Turan Agricultural Machines Industry and Trade started manufacturing world class agricultural machinery specifically designed for the land conditions in Turkey by using the latest developments in the Technical Research and Development (R&D). The manufacturing process is done in top quality standards and supervised by Turkish Engineers in a 7.000 square meter open area and 3.500 square meter closed area with 50 qualified workers. For over 90 years, we have worked on our agricultural machines to make them more suitable and perform better on the land conditions in Turkey and it has taken this form today.

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Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 2.Cadde No:7 , Eskişehir , Turkey

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The companies we acquired our materials are Ereğli Iron & Steel Plant Inc. and ÇEMTAŞ. These specially manufactured materials go through our heat process and water systems in our facilities to make them durable. Due to this the parts that come in contact with the soil have soil stripping feature and are resistant to braking, bending and corrosion.

The main policy of Turan Agricultural Machines Industry and Trade is to have absolute control over the manufacturing of their machinery to fulfill absolute satisfactory for our customers, with lowering costs and making sure our environment is protected.

VISION: Turan Agriculture Machineries’ vision is to be reformist, rationalist, have principles and take responsibilities as to walk towards to be the finest agricultural producer of the world.

MISSION: Our mission is to produce economic and less expenditure land processing machines for the Turkish farmers within an innovative perception.

The foundation of the firm was initially laid in 2915 by Mürsel Turan at Değişören village and later was succeeded by his sons Yusuf Turan and Hasan Turan in 1967 as Turan Agricultural Machinery.Consequently the revolutionary mold plough of Turkey the semi-automatic plough production had taken a start. Nevertheless of various imitations, none of were as economic in fuel consumption or as sound as the Turan Tarım mold plough. Turan Agriculture have been awarded the Technology Application award in 1987 at Technology Awards ceremony organized by Eskişehir Chamber of Industry to produce the Turkey’s first ever moldboard plough. And with the support of Cengiz Turan and Nejdet Turan finally in 1990 Rotating moldboard plough was presented to the market for the use of the farmers. Turan Agriculture which continued to serve with the Full-Automatic plough by 1999, with the death of Director Cengiz Turan the Full-Automatic Plough have been changed its brand to Cengiz Model in the market. Turan Agriculture has been awarded the Jury’s Special Award in 2003 and thus enhanced the Research and Development studies in land processing and produced various other products. Bale Stacking Machine has been awarded ESO’s Jury’s Special Award in 2011. Turan Agricultural Machinery was awarded a prize in the field of “Product Development” in the Technology competitions organized by Eskişehir Chamber of Industry with the participation of the selection committee which was formed by Tübitak (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), Anadolu University and Osmangazi University. Since 2013 with the works of Yusuf Melih Turan, the4th generation of Turan family continues to serve to the users of their products