UFAC (UK) Ltd.

UFAC-UK is the leading specialist UK manufacturer of energy, protein and omega 3 supplements. The company has been supplying nutritional supplements to the animal feed industry for over 35 years. With its head office in Newmarket , Suffolk, UK, UFAC-UK exports to over 20 countries worldwide. UFAC- UK has a unique manufacturing plant in Oakham, Rutland, UK and has particular expertise in the use of oils, fats, amino acids and liquid sugars as nutritional supplements. UFAC-UK is approved under the Feed Materials Assurance Scheme (FEMAS) that covers the sourcing and quality of Ingredients, and procedures for the production of nutritional supplements to provide total assurance of quality and safety, and complete traceability.

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Waterwitch House, Exeter Road, Newmarket , Suffolk , CB8 8RX United Kingdom

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Globally (various continents)

UFAC UK Ltd. is a family owned company, with a pedigree stretching back almost 40 years. In that time UFAC have innovated, developed and perfected the science of blending liquid nutrient sources and bonding them into protective matrices. The result is a range of products specifically designed to enhance the value of livestock throughout the world.

In addition we produce dry products combining high quality protein sources with enhanced nutrient availability. This, combined with specific liquid nutrients such as high omega 3 oils and trace element and vitamin sources, means we can offer a complete range of specialist nutrition products to the progressive farmers in all areas of livestock production.

UFAC have a partnership ethos, whether that be working with distribution partners or farmers and their livestock. Our products are developed with the sole aim of improving performance and profitability throughout the livestock production process, and rely on the feedback and perspectives of partners and farmers in their continued development.

We have well-established links with all areas of the industry, and contribute avidly to knowledge transfer and training. Our stated aim is to be recognised as the leader in the field of lipid nutrition in the livestock industry, both in the UK and in the wider marketplace.

UFAC are proud to be FEMAS registered, and continue to improve quality throughout all of our processes. We are also aware of our environmental obligations, and strive to be as efficient as possible in all of our production and delivery processes.

UFAC started back in 1975, with the initial aim of supplying supplements into the feed-manufacturing trade. However, Robert Jones then developed the technology required to take liquid feed materials and bond them into a protective matrix; this is the basis of the business of UFAC.

Our production facility at Woolfox in Leicestershire is unique, developed specifically to produce our range of energy, protein and omega-3 supplements. From there, the supplements are packed into 25kg plastic bags, palletised and wrapped, or 1 tonne bulk bags, ready for dispatch.

Raw materials are all sampled, inspected and analysed according to our Quality Assurance procedures. We have full traceability of raw materials, their use in finished products, through delivery on to farm or into store. We continue to improve and enhance this monitoring to ensure quality is maintained throughout.