UNIBEST International

UNIBEST International

UNIBEST’s ion-exchange resin technologies are derived from years of university research. At Montana State University, Dr. Earl Skogley researched and expanded the academic use and acceptance of the ion-exchange technology for multi-nutrient adsorption of available nutrients from natural soil environments. In 2011, UNIBEST began to standardize resin blends and the process in which the ion-exchange resin technology would be used for global commercial agriculture applications. The process required extensive time and resources allocated to enhancing our calibration/correlation database to crop and nutrient application response. Based in the United States of America with reach across the globe.

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320 N. Johnson, Suite 800 , Kennewick , Washington 99336 USA
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Crop Cultivation
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Globally (various continents)

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Since 2011, UNIBEST has developed a number of new patent & patent pending processes and technology platforms that address today's global environmental initiatives in a manor that is easily quantified and communicated.

What We Do

Today, UNIBEST International specializes in the unique and disruptive use of ion-exchange resins to target key substances in the environment. UNIBEST’s specialized & customized resin blends are used in soil, sediment, fresh and saltwater ecosystems.

In agriculture, UNIBEST resin systems are the core measurement tool across each of its technology platforms.

These platforms were strategically developed to effortlessly answer & quantify each component of 4R Nutrient Stewardship efforts in a way that up until now has not been commercially available and affordable.

Actionable results are delivered to the end user through The UNIBEST Predictive Nutrient Intelligence™ database.