In 1953 Mr. Manuel Ventura founded the company. During the first 28 years, many agricultural machinery and trailers are built with technology, many manufacturers in the industry, and currently recognized, not equated to their level (in terms of manufacturing ) . All machinery produced was not promoted in the Spanish territory but was sold in the provinces of Barcelona and Girona (in counties like El Vallès and Maresme Osona), near where the facilities were. From 1981 began to exhibit at the Fair of Spain`s most important agricultural machinery as well as visit all the dealers of tractors and agricultural machinery. After 5 or 6 years, the brand Ventura was already known throughout the Spanish territory selling a lot of teams in all provinces. In 2001 Ventura exposes the international Fair in Italy, one of the largest in the world. From this point begins to introduce his products in various European countries.

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Ctra. Vilablareix 18-20 (Pol. Ind Mas Aliu) , Spain

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Agriculture - Forestry
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Internationally (various countries)
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Currently the company exports 65 % of its production. The Ventura brand currently has representatives in 26 countries.

In terms of sales in 2004 was the best, selling a total of 1,033 units of machines.

VENTURA machines forest this destined to the sector of forestry machinery, biomass andrecycling, preparation for firewood and agriculture.
Today four facilities comprising forest machines of Ventura divided practically in equal parts the 8,000 m2 of total surface in such a way that some 4,500 m2 are intended to accommodate the section of manufacturing it self while the rest is occupied as a warehouse for machinery,spare parts service and offices.

Since our inception Ventura Forest Machines has show desire to grow,which has become apparent due to its persistence and constant work.

In 1988 we moved from our original facilities at the present location in the Industrial Area 'Mas Aliu' - Aiguaviva (Girona) 4 km from Girona Airport.

Depending on the period and seasonality of orders, the staff is complemented by the reinforcement of other skilled operators and the collaboration of ancillary industries in order to meet (with the speed and effectiveness that have always distinguished us) demands of our customers.

Today we have a factory equipped with modern production machinery and tooling and a highly qualified and experienced team.

In Ventura Máquinas Forestales we also subject all our prototypes to the most extreme operating conditions to ensure both the performance and the highest quality and durability of our products, which are manufactured according to the following rules and elements:

IN 292 (Safety of machinery, equipment and facilities)

Part 1 and 2 from 11/1992 and safety requirements laid down in Annex 1 of directives:

  • 89 / 392 / CEE
  • 91 / 368 / CEE
  • 93 / 44 / CEE
  • 93 / 68 / CEE
  • 89 / 336 / CEE

This philosophy and business policy has allowed us to address the challenge of increasing demand of our products, which have a heightened presence in the agricultural and forestry sectors of our country. Today 50 years after the birth of a modest company the prestige of Ventura has widely traded across provincial, regional, national boundaries, and that modest Girona company can be proud of having passed his prestige and tenacity, the borders of many countries and continents have been able to assess the quality of production and service of this great company that has resonated forest machines.

Our motto: A wide Stock of machinery and spare parts guarantees a fast and efficient service.

Contrary to most current trends, in Ventura we decide to ensure the immediate delivery of our orders, whether new equipment or spare parts, for this reason we bet on working with stock, which has allowed us to strongly position ourselves in relation to face deadlines

We are of the effort involved in selling and we have desired to avoid harm caused by failure to deliver equipment on time, which brings with it the possibility of losing business operations as well as the bad image this would entail, Ventura distinguisnes it self by its agility in the care of the demand, having enough equipment that can be sent immediately to the costumer, because the best Ventura axiom that directs all our actions is: 'Customer satisfaction is the best value of the company..'