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Versa Corporation specializes in designing and manufacturing storage and handling equipment for dairy and beef operations from the smallest to the largest in the world. Our products store many kinds of feeds made for silage such as alfalfa, corn, and cereal grains, as well as store materials made for dry-storage like bedding, compost, biofuels and cull products. We eliminate traditional feed storage problems that come from vertical silos, bunkers, bins, piles, and pits through high-power machines that achieve high-density packing of individual feeds into an anaerobic environment. Now Versa Corporation has an extensive line of Versa Bagger models for all operation sizes as well as other products for handling, hauling and processing. Versa, with more innovative silage bagging patented technology, insures the latest bagging methods and uses for its customers. Versa is known for making the best packed bags on earth and now accounts for the most tons of silage bagged in the world.

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PO Box 747 , Astoria , Oregon 97103 USA

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President and founder Steve Cullen first became aware of the imported 401 German built silage bagging machine in 1977, at 22 years old, while doing construction work on a diary farm in the Pacific Northwest. At the time, there were only three of these machines in the US. Being mechanically-minded, he took a keen interest in the machines and process of bagging silages.

Recognizing the inefficiencies in the current bagging models and the need to fit different size operations, Steve founded Walluski Western Ltd (later Versa Corporation) innovating the machine’s design for improved longevity and reliability. In 1987, Steve developed the first-ever highest HP bagging machine trademarked the Versa Bagger Custom King and began to market it on his own. The Custom King was adopted early on by custom operators and large dairies who understood the true benefits of bagged sealed feed, and they still use it today. Versa listens closely to its customers, and that is key in the continued innovation of the bagging machine.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to build a storage system that:

  • Retains the most amount of nutrient-rich feed without any loss
  • Provides a flexible management system of individually packaging silage for efficient and balanced rations
  • Contributes to a greener environment preventing harmful emissions


Quality is what drives Versa’s manufacturing and design process. We construct each product with simple design and with the consumer and functionality in mind. We use quality assurance forms with every product to eliminate human error and ensure a lasting working product.

Simple Design

Simple design means that it’s easy to operate, easy to maintain, and easy to troubleshoot. With this in mind, our machines are designed for operation by all training levels. We service directly to you and, whenever we can, we build with parts that are readily available around the world so you can be immediately up and running.


We listen to our customers and respond to their concerns– innovating our machine in order to meet their needs and provide the highest quality product possible. We continually seek customer feedback and never stop innovating to ensure our equipment is in good standing to be used across a wide range of materials and in any weather condition.

Customer Service

Versa understands and recognizes that the bagging storage machine is at the end of the harvesting process and therefore the bagging machine cannot be the bottleneck of your operation. We are available 24/7 with more people around the clock during the high season. You can expect the most responsive and reliable service from the Versa team.

Honest Value

Versa knows that you expect every dollar spent on equipment to have a higher return, which is why our machines are not built with planned obsolescence. Versa products are built to last way beyond past depreciation schedules and we don’t know of any other agricultural equipment that retains more value over time than Versa.

At Versa, we live and practice by our values and by the ethics of reciprocity: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” We expect the best and will meet your expectations of superior service.