Vertical Software’s roots begin in 1983. A manager at a river elevator in Pekin, Illinois was looking for a better way to account for grain deliveries, settlements, and shipments. A group of individuals known for their computer skills were assembled to develop a product. It wasn’t long before management realized that to be successful, more experience was needed from the grain industry. Soon experts from all segments of the grain industry were added. From this group of individuals representing both the computer and grain industry came “GrainTrac”, theStandard of Excellence for Grain Accounting Software. GrainTrac is the only grain accounting software designed, developed and supported by experts from the grain industry. Soon GrainTrac was installed in a large segment of the grain industry in over 30 states and Canada. GrainTrac is used by River Terminals, Country Elevators, Grain Processors, Cereal Makers, Grain Trading Houses, Feed Lots, Flour Mills and Ethanol Plants.

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This man’s desire for a faster and more efficient way of doing business is how Vertical Software got started.

A multi-user version of GrainTrac became available in 1986. Personal computer local area networks (LAN) give employees a method of sharing work details and the resulting data.

In 1989, Vertical Software added the Red Wing financial accounting system. This system integrates with the GrainTrac and GrainClerk systems to provide complete financial reporting.

Vertical Software worked very closely with ADM to develop the grain industries first electronic data interchange for contracts, farmer direct shipments and elevator load-outs. As a result of those efforts, Vertical Software released the SPEEDI product in April of 1995.Since 2008 Vertical Software has been the industry leader in truck scale automation.

Since 2008 Vertical Software has been the industry leader in truck scale automation.

In addition to software products, Vertical Software also offers network installation and administration services. Clients will benefit from the powerful Windows 2012 Server line used in conjunction with Windows 10 workstations by ACER. We also offer reliable HP printers that are designed for heavy use. These network products are tested in house and proven to be the best match for our products.

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Located in Bartonville, IL, our IT experts work with clients all across the United States and beyond.

Our company has an experienced support staff that has been serving the IT needs of the Grain Industry for over 30 years. When you call Vertical Software, you can rest assured you are in good hands.

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  • Scale Automation
  • Biofuel Automation
  • Farmer Scale Automation
  • Grain Accounting
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