VertiCrop, a proprietary growing method selected in 2009 by TIME Magazine as one of the World’s Greatest Inventions. This patented technology was developed to grow food naturally in bustling urban environments and represents a paradigm shift in farming and food production. Providing up to 20 times the yield of normal field crops, while using only 8% of the water typically required for soil farming. Utilizing a unique, suspended tray configuration on a moving conveyor system, VertiCrop provides optimal exposure to either natural or artificial light along with precisely measured nutrients for each plant. Designed to grow healthy, leafy green vegetables in closed loop and controlled environments, VertiCrop eliminates the need for harmful herbicides and pesticides, while maximizing taste, nutrition and food value.

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Vancouver , Canada

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Nationally (across the country)

Growing better quality food using less energy and resources? Makes sense to us.

VertiCrop provides a proven, cost effective alternative to typical crop production.

Designed to grow in any climate and with an exceptionally small footprint in urban environments, VertiCrop uses only a fraction of the resources needed for field agriculture, while generating substantially higher yields.