VIPICUL is the brand name for our product & service bundle designed for aquaculture market. We offer security and control solutions that enable long range protection over sea. Offshore fish farm companies can benefit of VIPICUL as it assures 24 hours a day protection service with minimum human intervention. Our e-Reporting concept allows that personnel in charge of sea farm operation can check security status anytime from anywhere and any device like iphones, tablets, or laptops. Just Internet connection needed!We are committed to our customers in the long term. We do not sell security devices but deliver, operate (temporarily) and maintain our projects for the whole product life cycle. This way, our customers should not be concerned about technology issues. Moreover, as VIPICUL works with minimum human intervention, people that were dedicated to security tasks can be employed on other jobs, giving a chance to increase productivity.

Company details

Miravalles 54 , Madrid , 28670 Spain

Locations Served

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Industry Type:
Agriculture - Aquaculture
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Mision, Vision, Values

  • Mision : Assure customer's assets. They are settled offshore and exposed to intentional attacks. 
  • Vision : Becoming the worldwide reference security solution on the marineculture market. 
  • Values :
    • Commitment, Professionality and Response
    • Commitment -> Service level / Support and post sale maintenance.
    • Professionality -> It´s what guides us on our relationship with our customers.
    • Response -> Our response to their requests must satisfy their expectations.

We have faced the difficulty to protect properties located on large offshore areas.

Sea environment has a great difficulty for many reasons and there were no security solution that provided an effective security system. 

VIPICUL is the solution adapted to the customers' security necessities, for example marine aquaculture, marine power plants, marine research centers, etc.

The production of salmon, sea bass, sea bream and trout is carried out on offshore locations. We must protect 'this warehouse' which contains key stock for our customers' business.

Access Control to Large Areas
Special natural zones must be protected from human access as they are part of the biosphere reserve. Envirommental laws are in place to avoid degradation of such marine and land areas. VIPICUL enables a cost efficient solution to control access to special natural reserves.

Marine Investigation
Public and private oceanographic institutions developing marine research and using high cost equipment.

Coast surveillance
Prevention and security are applicable in this case. Warning to bathers on bathing areas or security to avoid coastal illegal trade are two examples.