Vision Robotics Corporation (VRC)

Vision Robotics Corporation (VRC) has developed a proprietary and patented technology to produce robotics solutions employing vision-based mapping, localization, and navigation systems. By integrating well-known algorithms with the most recent developments from leading university research laboratories, VRC has created a uniquely robust and cost effective approach to robotics. The company was founded in 1999, when the convergence of three factors—lower cost components, demand for efficient labor solutions across multiple industries, and significant advances in robotics technology—indicated that robotics was ready to move out of the lab and into the marketplace. Vision Robotics capitalized on the opportunity and began developing its world-class autonomous robotics solutions based on its Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) system.

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11722 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite H , San Diego , California 92121 USA

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Nationally (across the country)

These vision-based SLAM algorithms enable robots to autonomously create three-dimensional maps of unknown areas of interest. The maps can be used for a variety of purposes including navigation and determining the location of target specific items. This current system uses low cost off-the-shelf image sensors and processors. Future robots, using vector-based processors, will be able to autonomously operate effectively in very complex environments and at speeds of up to 10 – 20 miles per hour. 

VRC operates with a business model based on strategic alliances. The company selects markets that can benefit from vision-based robotic technology and teams with proven, market leading companies that have manufacturing capacity and distribution/service networks. VRC now has three business areas: consumer products, which includes household, office and healthcare; agriculture, which includes the automation of the care and harvest of tree fruit and grapes; and the military. A key aspect of VRC’s business model is technology transfer.  Each of these business areas create a significant technology that will be freely shared among VRC partners under cross-licensing agreements. Vision Robotics, based in San Diego, is capitalized through private funding, partnerships and grants.