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  • Vision Robotics - Robot Lettuce Thinner

    Vision Robotics - Robot Lettuce Thinner

    The first Vision Robotics Lettuce Thinner was delivered in October 2012 and has been in operation since then. The lettuce thinner uses cameras to identify each lettuce seedling and sprays the unwanted plants to kill them. The thinner can use a variety of chemicals to kill the lettuce including fertilizer. The thinner offers several advantages when compared to manual thinning. Fraction of the cost, payback is in the period of months Fewer weeds...

  • Vision System - Vineyard Robot Products

    Vision System - Vineyard Robot Products

    Vision Robotics Vineyard Products is developing a robotic prune for grape vines that will prune in the style of good hand pruning for about half the cost of a manual labor team.

  • Operational Concept

    Operational Concept

    Autonomy requires robots to understand their environment. Once the robot has an accurate map, it is straightforward for it to move precisely, quickly and confidently through the environment. When the robot precisely knows its location, creating an accurate map is simple. The difficulty occurs when the robot neither has an accurate map nor precisely knows its location. The process where the robot moves through an unknown area while creating the map is...

  • Performance and Simulation

    Performance and Simulation

    VRC is a commercial enterprise interested in deploying practical products and does not want to pursue applications unless they are economically viable in the near future. Vision Robotics recognizes that we are a technology enabler providing the know-how to automate a wide variety of tasks. However, the technology alone is not sufficient to make a successful product. Each application must be designed and built for its unique environment. Because the needs...