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We are leaders in the development, production and worldwide marketing of high performance nutritional products and feeding systems for the agricultural market. Customers rely on our products for healthy growth, improved production and enhanced feeding efficiency in all types of livestock. Volac is one of Europe’s fastest growing and ambitious international dairy nutrition businesses. It all began in the 1970s when the company was established by the grandfather of the brothers who now run the company. At Volac we aim to work as a one team with a single focus: our customers. We strive to create an environment in which everyone can flourish and enjoy what they do.

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Orwell, Royston , Hertfordshire , SG8 5QX United Kingdom

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Globally (various continents)

We believe that dairy nutrition is important for a sustainable and healthy world.

We’re running out of natural resources and we’re living longer so our commitment is to improve livestock productivity and help people live more healthily for longer.

Our job is to make the best, market-leading products for our customers and build deep, long-lasting relationships. We’re both a customer of and supplier to the dairy industry, so we hold a position of influence which we combine with our expertise, vision and energy to make things happen.

We have a unique synergy between our food and feed businesses allowing us to deliver a range of both high performance and value for money products. We are quick to respond to our Customer's changing needs resulting in the development, manufacture and marketing of a successful and leading product range. Our products are sold in three sectors;

Volac Lifestyle Ingredients 

We have developed a unique range of high performance whey ingredients for the global sport, health and food markets. Our customers rely on our products to provide neutral tasting, easily dissolvable products for nutritional drinks and powdered supplements and products that retain soft texture and good flavour in protein bars.

Volac Dairy Ingredients 

We manufacture a range of high quality, nutritionally rich dairy ingredients for the world’s leading food, beverage and animal nutrition companies. Because we specialise solely in dairy and whey nutrition, Volac can provide our customers with unrivalled knowledge and experience spanning a wide range of food and feed