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  • Low Flow Sprinklers

  • ROTATIVE - Model VYR-3100 - Sprinklers

    ROTATIVE - Model VYR-3100 - Sprinklers

    The sprinkler VYR-3100 is a 'ROTATIVE' sprinkler type for low-flow irrigation.This model is a full circle sprinkler and has a regulatory angle projection system that can vary between...

  • High Flow Sprinklers

  • Large Sprinkler Guns

  • Model VYR-157-L - Sprinkler Gun

    Model VYR-157-L - Sprinkler Gun

    The sprinkler-gun model VYR-157, has the latest technology as far as long distance and high flow irrigation is concerned. Its system of rotation by hydraulic piston makes this a model of precision and...

  • Membrane Hydraulic Valves

  • Model VYR-6110 - Hi-Flow Hydraulic Valve

    Model VYR-6110 - Hi-Flow Hydraulic Valve

    Metal hydraulic valves for full flow tgrough elbows and straight sections.Body and cover made of high quality .Always clean due to the.Assembled with screws and stainless steel spring.Nitrile Diaphragm.24 Vac solenoid.Working temperature between 2 and 80 degrees.Recommended working pressure time of 0.5 seconds.Resistance test carried out for 25.000 cylcles at 15 Bar and 80 degrees.Complies with standard UNE 68-074-86/ISO 7714