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  • Milk Cooling Tanks

  • Model DFOV/DFOH - Milk Cooling Tanks

    Model DFOV/DFOH - Milk Cooling Tanks

    Our standard models of milk cooling tanks, DFOV and DFOH, are available in several sizes and are very easy to operate. They take up very little floor space and rest on longitudinal supports with legs, making them easy to transport. They are entirely constructed of stainless steel and recyclable material. The lid can be opened in one piece and has no rubber gaskets that can wear or harbour bacteria.

  • Model DF95/953 - Milk Cooling Tanks

    Model DF95/953 - Milk Cooling Tanks

    Tanks of this type are available in several sizes and dimensions. Depending on your requirements, they can be adapted to suit the location of your local connections and equipment. The DF953 is a complete tank, incorporating a cooling unit and control equipment ready for use. The DF95 is supplied with a separate cooling unit, which may be placed at any convenient location. Our milk cooling tanks are entirely constructed of stainless steel and...

  • Model DF95L - Milk Cooling Tanks

    Model DF95L - Milk Cooling Tanks

    The DF95L is available in several different sizes and is our largest model of milk cooling tank. Just like the DF95 and DF953, it can be adapted to suit the desired location of the connections and equipment. For robot milking, the DF95L can be supplied with either an integrated cooling unit or a separate one which may be placed wherever convenient. For conventional milking, only the version with a separate cooling unit is available. Our milk cooling...

  • Accessoories

  • Control System

    Control System

    Our latest Argos control system regulates, controls, monitors and registers everything that happens in your tank, so that you are always in complete control. The control system ensures that the milk is cooled and the temperature stays at the correct level until the tank is emptied. The advanced technology is easy to handle and offers wide scope for adapting the various functions, such as cooling, cleaning and stirring, to local circumstances. This...

  • Cooling System

    Cooling System

    A cooling system from Wedholms means simple installation as well as cost-effective operation developed to minimise its environmental impact. Our cooling system is of modular design, which means that it can be adapted as required at any time to the milk quantity, ambient temperature, required cooling time and collection frequency. If you choose a tank with double compressors, they can be run separately, thus reducing their operating time and increasing...

  • Heat Recovery System

    Heat Recovery System

    When you recover the heat from the milk-cooling process, your operation becomes even more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Wedholms heat-recovery system is called Interpac: it efficiently recovers the heat from the milk as it is cooled. About a litre of water can be heated to 40-45°C from each litre of milk cooled from 35 to 4°C. The heat can then be used to warm the drinking water for your cows. With a sufficiently large amount of...

  • Two Drainage Valves

    Two Drainage Valves

    When the milk is swilled out of the tank at the start of cleaning, the first batch of rinsing water can be separated out by an extra drainage valve for reuse as drinking water for your calves, for example.