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Milk should not only taste good, it should also be healthy. At Wedholms, we construct some of the world’s best milk cooling tanks, characterised by high quality and efficiency. This ensures that the milk remains fresh as well as being cooled for the right length of time and to the right temperature. Thanks to our know-how, the growth of bacteria is minimised and the milk retains all its important vitamins and minerals.

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Box 1002 , Nyköping , Södermanlands län 611 29 Sweden

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Internationally (various countries)

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All our tanks are designed and built by our own staff in our own factories, giving us full control over the manufacturing process. In addition, our tanks are based on a modular system that assures you fast and inexpensive installation on site.

From 1879 to today

At Wedholms, we have worked with milk for over 130 years. When the company was founded in 1879 we made milk churns, and we have worked hard since then to develop our products further in conjunction with our customers. Over the years, we have devised more efficient solutions aiming consistently to preserve and cool the milk so that it retains the highest possible quality.

In 1957, we took a big step forward by starting to manufacture milk cooling tanks, and the company supplied tanks with volumes of 200, 400 and 600 litres to farms in the Södertörn region south of Stockholm. During the period from 1942 to 1988, Wedholms was owned by the Swedish Dairies Association (Svenska Mejeriernas Riksförening SMR), which was in turn owned by the Association of Swedish Farmers.

Today, the Wedholms group comprises Wedholms Sweden, Eurotanks (Poland), Skånes Kylteknik and Kylmäkärki (Finland), so we cover an extensive market around the Baltic Sea. Together with our partners, we currently also supply our products to other EU countries as well as to Russia, South Korea and Japan. Wedholms´s annual turnover is about SEK 100 million in the manufacture and sales of milk cooling tanks as well as associated services to the dairy industry.