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Since the launch of our very first tractor over 30 years ago, Westwood has remained commited to the manufacture of high quality, tough and durable tractors and ride-on mowers. Thick, steel chassis, tough heavy-duty components, and premium grade engines are only ever used in our products. Our tractors are hand-built in Britain to the highest engineering standards. Rarely will you find such attention to detail in constructing a garden tractor to meet the challenges of the British weather. Wet or dry, a Westwood cuts and cuts well, collecting or mulching, depending on your choice of cutting deck. There is no finer way to cut and stripe a lawn and yet, constructed for the harshest conditions, Westwood tractors meet the demands of their owners in many other countries around the world.

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Trading Estate, Great Haseley , Oxford , OX44 7PF United Kingdom

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Westwood is a British manufacturing success story. Our factory, located just outside Oxford, has been producing tractors for over 30 years. It’s a state-of-the-art facility utilising the very latest manufacturing technology.

What really sets Westwood apart though, is the people who build the tractors. Each and every employee is passionate about our products and they continuously work to drive quality at each stage of the manufacturing process.

This passion begins with our engineers. Our latest range of tractors was designed in conjunction with Westwood customers and dealers. By listening to and understanding how our products are used in ‘real life’ conditions, we strive to develop innovative products which exceed the expectations of our customers.

By following this principle, Westwood designs all of its products to specifically cope with the unique conditions of the British climate. Electronic controls are fully weatherproofed, while painted components have surpassed 500 hours of continuous salt spray exposure without corrosion – one of the most stringent tests available.

Cool Runnings!

By making sure your Kawasaki Engine is receiving the right amount of air, you will be ensuring it is producing the optimum performance to power your Westwood tractor.

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