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Wilson Agri

Wilson Agri was the first importer of cow mattresses into Europe in 1994. By the late 1998 the company were viewing the first time lapse video comparisons of low and high neck bar cubicles in the USA with open fronts so no bars which restricted natural lunging. The company became increasingly interested as to how far they could take the vision of making an indoor environment for cows which could replicate natural pasture and the outdoors. ‘It’s all about the cow!’ exclaimed Andrew Wilson it doesn’t matter if new product looks better and more developed if it doesn’t improve conditions for her we are wasting our time in product development and in the advice that we give to our customers when they renovate their existing dairy or building a new one.

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75 Drumcroone Road , Coleraine , Northern Ireland BT51 4ED United Kingdom

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Internationally (various countries)
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Today Wilson Agri specialises in the happiness of cows, through not only cow comfort in the cubicle, but in the design of the building using correct dimensions where we measure cows to ensure that the building is built to suit your herd and your goals. We supply everything for the internals of the building, from cow mattresses, cubicles, passageway rubber, tip-over water drinkers, lights & ventilation curtain. All of these to ensure that the cow has a clean dry comfortable bed, with clean fresh water and air, with reduced pressure on the hooves when turning at the feed barrier.