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Orazio Scaion has been in the tobacco industry for over 30 years. He has invested all his processing experience in foundation of World Tobacco, Inc., a leading company in the mechanization of all types of equipment for processing and curing tobacco. Dependability, performance and service are the criteria for the success of this company, which has been in the farming world, and in particular in the tobacco industry, for many decades. And these are the values that distinguish it from its competitors. World Tobacco, Inc. is one of the largest suppliers of automatic harvesters, toppers and kilns (barns) for tobacco for both large operation and family farms.

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3709 Nash Street NW , Wilson , North Carolina 27896 USA

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Globally (various continents)

Many of the world's largest producers turn to World Tobacco, Inc. to purchase and maintain flue-cured kilns (barns).

Readily available off-the-shelf components keep down time to an absolute minimum and ensure top performance from all the equipment supplied year after year.

In 1990 Eric R. Scaion joined the company, giving it the proper know-how to maintain its position as market leader and permitting it to diversify by marketing machines designed for processing medicinal herbs...

In today's competitive, cost conscious world of tobacco farming, high efficiency is the only way to increase your profits. That's why more producers around the world turn to World Tobacco, Inc. They know they can rely on our tobacco kilns (barns) 'Energy' to save on labor costs reduce energy consumption and cure tobacco to world-class standards.

Our kilns (barns) 'Energy' are built to the highest standards using only the finest quality materials with all painted stainless steel construction and tongue and groove, air tight and water tight, Coldmatic panels designed to withstand thermal ripploing. Our kilns (barns) 'Energy' deliver consistent, positive air flow along with desired humidities and temperatures.

So, even in humid or difficult conditions, and regardless of stock positions, your tobacco quality is maximized every time.

Our bins are the ideal size for curing consistency.