Wyma`s team works together to help create, deliver and support innovative post-harvest solutions. Our fresh thinking is always available to help you keep improving the way you process your vegetables. Wyma`s philosophy has always been to bring continuous improvement to our design, manufacturing, distribution and servicing capabilities. To achieve this, team work and ongoing customer relationships are crucial. We listen, we learn, we share, we deliver on our reputation for innovation, value and support in global markets. Our equipment is reputed for its robustness and effectiveness achieved through quality design and manufacturing and years of experience. It is also flexible as we recognise the importance of providing smart, adaptable products and solutions that meet current and future customer needs.

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27 Foremans Road, PO Box 16-707 , Hornby , Christchurch 8441 New Zealand

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Symach is a Dutch company who operates from its new premises in Terneuzen, south west of Holland. Symach specialise in delivering customised equipment to stack, wrap and rotate pallets of bags, cartons and crates. They aim to provide durable equipment that is developed, manufactured and extensively tested in their own factory and backed up by a strong after-sales service.

The relationship between Wyma and Symach began in 2007, and formalised in 2010 with an agreement for Wyma to distribute the Symach equipment throughout Australasia.

The two companies share numerous similarities, both in terms of their history and their business approach. Symach and Wyma have significant experience in their respective field and have established close relationships with their international customers over the years. This has allowed for a continuous improvement in their design, manufacturing, distribution and servicing capabilities, and a specialised knowledge and understanding of the handling and palletising sectors. Both companies design flexible equipment to provide their customers with customised solutions that meet current and future customer needs.

Wyma are committed to delivering and supporting the Symach equipment in Australasia. With 25 years experience in post-harvest vegetable handling equipment and solutions, there is no doubt that Wyma is the right partner for customers requiring a customised and reliable palletising solution.

General Capabilities

Symach offer customised palletising systems for bags, boxes and crates across a wide range of sectors such as the industrial, chemical, food and agricultural industries. Their product range aims to create highly presentable and stable pallets and includes:

  • Palletisers of various speeds
  • Wrapping machines
  • Protective corners / strapping machines
  • Pallet rotators
  • Slip sheet dispensers
  • Pallet denesters

Like Wyma, Symach can supply individual components, yet take pride in supplying complete solutions that meet specific customer needs. The equipment is flexible and durable to meet current and future business requirements. It is also supported by a dedicated after-sale team who has the ability to use on-line (remote) software to monitor and diagnose potential faults for a quick return to normal operation.

Our Philosophy

Wyma and Symach share the same business philosophy. They create, deliver and support innovative solutions that help international customers to grow.   

Wyma’s equipment meet the “FRESH” attributes i.e. Flexible, Reliable, Effective, Smart and Helpful. Similarly, Symach outlines the following key guides in designing and manufacturing their range of palletising equipment:

  • Durability: Symach machines are engineered for a long life and trouble-free use.
  • Extensive testing: every palletizing system is fully assembled in the Dutch production facility before delivery and installation. The equipment is only shipped to the customer if it is running to full satisfaction.
  • In house software development: Symach develop tailored palletising software programs which are user-friendly programs and easily adjustable to new packaging.
  • Skilled service team: the Symach service department uses on-line communication to remotely diagnose a fault and take over the palletising machine if necessary. This is to ensure that the customer can return to normal operation quickly and efficiently, without loss of time and production.