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  • Fertiliser

  • Topcrop - Fertiliser

    Topcrop - Fertiliser

    The fertiliser business of the Wynnstay Group has grown significantly over the last few years. As one of the largest merchants in the west of the country the company plays an important role in the distribution of a broad range of products from manufacturers and blenders.

  • Glasson - Fertiliser

    Glasson - Fertiliser

    With the agricultural industry facing growing financial and environmental pressures, the importance of choosing the right fertiliser for your soil has never been more critical. Fortunately, Glasson Fertilisers has the experience and the technology to help. We’ve been producing high quality agricultural fertilisers since 1990 and now supply to merchants and farmers throughout northern England and southern Scotland.

  • Omya - Fertiliser

    Omya - Fertiliser

    Omya have been supplying high quality calcium carbonate to industry for over 40 years as well as a range of complementary ingredients, minerals and other basic raw materials. Omya’s Agricultural division supplies a variety of products into the Farming sector including granular lime. Omya has two grades of granulated lime available to suit local conditions:

  • Seed

  • Organic Seeds

    Organic Seeds

    The growth in sales of organic grass, arable silage and cereal seeds has been substantial in the past few years. We have also seen a large sales increase in fertility and soil structure crops such as Mustard, Phacelia, Red Clover and, more recently, Sweet Clover. Wynnstay have been selling organic cereal seeds and grass mixtures since 2000. We are fully licensed with Organic Farmers and Growers and have representation on the working group committee...

  • Forage Maize Seed

    Forage Maize Seed

    The maize specialists at Wynnstay have been involved in the development of the forage maize crop for many years and we have become established as one of the largest maize seed suppliers in the Midlands, North West & Wales. This position enables us to source the best varieties available. We have forged strong relationships with the major maize breeders/agents supplying the UK ensuring that when promising new varieties appear we are able to assess...

  • Model EF2  - Wild Bird Seed Mixture

    Model EF2 - Wild Bird Seed Mixture

    This mixture is designed to feed seed eating birds in arable landscapes, where there is little remaining food source. The aim of this mix is to provide a year round supply of food. Sow annually or every other year and drill in strips or blocks of a maximum of 0.5ha and no more than one block per 20ha. Spot treat or weed wipe injurious weeds. A non-residual product may be used prior to spring re-sowing to facilitate reestablishment. For establishment,...

  • Model EF4  - Nectar Flower Mixture

    Model EF4 - Nectar Flower Mixture

    Sowing an area of flowering plants into the farmed landscape will boost the availability of essential food sources for a range of nectar-feeding insects, including butterflies and bees. Sow in strips or a block, not more than 0.5 ha per 20ha between mid March to mid April or July to August. Reestablish as necessary to maintain a sustained pollen nectar supply. To stimulate late flowering, cut half the area to 20cm in June and the whole area to 10cm...