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Omya have been supplying high quality calcium carbonate to industry for over 40 years as well as a range of complementary ingredients, minerals and other basic raw materials. Omya’s Agricultural division supplies a variety of products into the Farming sector including granular lime. Omya has two grades of granulated lime available to suit local conditions:

Calciprill®: A straight calcium lime ideal for areas with high levels of magnesium

Magprill® A blend of calcium and magnesium lime ideal for magnesium deficient areas with a pH imbalance.

To complement the granular lime Omya also offers a range of micronutrients:

WolfTrax Micronutrients: WolfTrax uniquely formulated micronutrients are designed to coat and adhere to each prill of dry N, P or K fertilizer. This ensures even distribution throughout the blend, and more consistent and even application across the field.

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