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XL Specialized Trailers is a truly specialized trailer manufacturer. Our products serve the construction, commercial, agriculture, wind energy, oil and gas and custom transportation markets. A market leading manufacturer of heavy haul and specialized trailers, XL offers superior hauling solutions to fit any application.

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1086 South 3rd Street, PO Box 400 , Manchester , Iowa 52057 USA

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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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The XL brand is recognized for custom engineering, a market leading warrantyexcellent resale value, and a state of the art manufacturing facility. From this strong foundation, built on innovation and commitment to quality, emerge durable trailers which provide an abundance of hauling solutions.

Custom Engineering Means We Build What You Need
At XL, we pride ourselves on our ability and willingness to work with customers to customize products to fit their needs. Our unparalleled team of engineers uses innovative technology to design trailers for any application. Our flexibility results in a wide variety of customer options. We understand that meeting customer needs, through delivering both large and small customer solutions, drives our success.
Market Leading Warranty to Keep You on the Road
At XL, we assure the ultimate customer confidence and satisfaction. All XL Specialized Trailers' products go through the new, premium paint process. XL paint includes a full 1 year warranty. Always striving to surpass market standards, XL products feature a 5 year structural warranty.
Excellent Resale Value Makes Your Trailer an Investment
XL trailers are known for their high resale value. XL customers realize that buying an XL trailer is not just a purchase, but an investment. High quality engineering, materials, and workmanship produce resilient products you can trust to work for you for many years.

Founded on Innovation

George Wall founded XL Specialized Trailers in 1995. His innovation led XL to a nationwide distribution network which provided the basis for the rapid expansion XL has since experienced. In December of 2007, George retired and passed the company reigns to his son Scott Wall. Scott now serves as Vice Chairman. President & CEO Steve Fairbanks joined the XL team in 2011. The dedicated and skilled staff at XL, combined with a growing dealer network continue to move the company forward.


Since its beginning, XL has focused on innovation and improvement. Founder George Wall developed the company's DNA, and the mentality he instilled continues today. The acronym “WTTBAMIJALBB” is a curious set of letters which have a special meaning. “We Took The Best And Made It Just A Little Bit Better,” is more than a saying, rather a pledge to build the best trailers possible. This acronym was George’s motto. WTTBAMIJALBB describes XL’s approach: constant improvement and advancement provide the best possible solutions for our customers.