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  • How to make cow manure into bio organic fertilizer

    How to make cow manure into bio organic fertilizer

    Cow dung is transformed into fertilizer for crops through biological fermentation technology. Fermentation compost turner machine speeds up the treatment process of compost fermentation technology, making cow dung fully fermented and qualified.Fermentation compostingAerobic composting is to absorb, oxidize and decompose wastes by aerobic bacteri


  • How to Make Cow Dung Fertilizer

    How to Make Cow Dung Fertilizer

    Currently, the most common and valuable processing method is to turn cow dung/manure into sellable organic fertilizer. Cow dung is a derived product from wastes produced by cattle, providing high levels of organic materials and rich in nutrients, ...

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  • Compost Covers

    Compost Covers

    Having the lowest prices and over 15 years of personal experience with this product, CV Compost is the original and largest worldwide distributor of ComposTex compost covers. ComposTex compost cover (also known as `compost fleece`) is a completely breathable, non-woven fabric (or geotextile membrane) made of 100% UV-resistant polypropylene that completely sheds rainfall from covered windrows1 - ...