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  • Another B1400 Rocket Composter is heading to Paris

    Another B1400 Rocket Composter is heading to Paris

    We’re excited to announce that social enterprise Les Alchimistes – the recipient of our first-ever B1400 composter – has ordered a second machine for its latest food waste project in Paris.The first B1400 system 

  • Ten steps of organic fertilizer production

    The whole fertilizer production process is divided into ten steps. Each organic fertilizer machine will directly affect the quality of the whole organic fertilizer production, which cannot be reduced ...


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  • Compost Machine

    Compost Machine

    The JK6200 is an entirely new type of compost machine which features: A powerful, integrated shredder/grinder which chops up the waste material into small pieces. An option for users to dispose of waste using compostable paper bags. An optional automatic pellet doser, ensuring that the correct amount of pellets are inserted every time. A unique mixing function which ensures production of a ...