Anaerobic Composting

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  • Price of small ground walking windrow turner

    Price of small ground walking windrow turner

    The small-scale ground walking windrow turner produced by our company is an organic fertilizer production equipment for composting treatment. The machine improves the single cylinder high horsepower and cab, which can realize high, medium and low-speed stacker turning according to the size of physical moisture, and the stacker shaft can automatically rise and fall. The FDJ-L walking type windrow ...

  • Aerobic Composting 101

    Aerobic Composting 101

    If you have recently purchased a compost tumbler bin, let me be the first to say congratulations! You’ve just taken the first step toward aerobic composting. What is aerobic composting, you ...


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  • Compost Monitor

    Compost Monitor

    Composting is the biological process in which microbes consume plant and vegetable materials and convert it into useful organic material and other byproducts. There are two types of microbes that do this and are commonly referred to as aerobic and anaerobic microbes. The aerobic microbes thrive in oxygen environments while anaerobic microbes thrive in oxygen deficient environments. Aerobic ...