Compost Aeration

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Composting on the New York Highline

    Friends of the High Line will be taking their composting program to a new level using cutting-edge technology to compost in only 14 days. The Rocket composter technology allows for a continuous process of feeding it daily while constantly aerating the mass inside the vessel, producing high enough temperatures to kill pathogens. Friends of the High Line ...

  • Composting Roundup

    Johnson City, Tennessee: School Teacher Launches Composting SiteJoe Hoffman, a high school science teacher, recently opened Hoffman Composting, located on the outskirts of Johnson City. The site is ...


  • EWA Fermenter Rapid composting of waste

    From one side it looks like an ordinary shipping container. From the other side it appears to be a perpetual motion machine which spins, hisses and makes a variety of other noises. From the inside, the Solbien EWA Fermenter from the Czech company ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Composting Machine

    Composting Machine

    JK125/270/400 has been tested and evaluated in a project comprising 466 households in small houses and blocks of flats and day nurseries. The results have proved most satisfactory as has been shown in the Report No. 4229 by the Swedish Authority for Environment Conservation.