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  • January Composting Roundup

    St. Paul, Minnesota: State DOT Issues New Compost SpecsThe Minnesota Department of Transportation (MNDOT) updated its specifications for using finished compost in MNDOT projects in the 2018 Edition of its “Standard Specifications For Construction.” The two main changes to the specs, explains Kayla Walsh of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, are: 1) Inclusion of food waste

  • Wood Recycler Expands Into Compost Manufacturer

    How a company that started as a small tree care service in the late 1980s evolved into a compost and mulch manufacturer with multiple facilities in the Southeast U.S.Our growth since the beginning ...


  • Products Ready for Spring Planting

    BioSoil Farm Seeding Mix – Perfectly engineered for your seeds.  Mostly sphagnum peat moss, plus a few worm castings and screened finished compost and featuring growstones!BioSoil Farm Potting Soil – Perfectly engineered for your ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Dual Aspirator Skid (DAS)

    Dual Aspirator Skid (DAS)

    The BHS Dual Aspirator Skid (DAS) is the ideal solution for composting operations. This field-proven technology removes film plastic from screened compost through extremely efficient density separation, producing clean organic streams with minimal product loss. The DAS produces a mid-size fraction of clean organics (wood/compost) and can achieve 99.9% compost purity. Its compact skid-mounted ...